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Sheds for Sale South Carolina

We provide high-performance portable buildings including portable sheds, portable garages, and portable cabins to SC & GA.

At Town & Country Buildings, we offer portable sheds, garages, and cabins of the highest quality. For years we have been manufacturing for one of the largest brands in the south and east and we’ve made massive improvements to our designs and created a host of new styles over those years. We are now selling those same buildings under our own brand. The portable garages and portable sheds hat we produce are designed to last for a lifetime, maybe several. We are extremely confident that we have the right building for your specific needs regardless of what they are. Look no further than us, when you’re searching for portable storage buildings, portable storage sheds, portable sheds, outdoor storage sheds, or backyard sheds. We serve a large area including Anderson, Greenville & Spartanburg, SC as well as many other towns and cities.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular sheds and garages right now.

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portable sheds South Park Township

The Original

This Utility Shed has been one of our most popular offerings for more than 30 years. Although it does share certain similarities with our Classic portable garage, it has large wooden double barn doors instead of a garage door. These can be swung open to make entry a breeze. Many people use this shed not only for storage but for your hobbies and other things. This shed is known for its timeless A-frame roof, which ensures that it will look great in any type of environment. There are many options available to you that will allow you to tailor it’s looking towards your specific tastes. Metal and shingle roofing is available as well.

Lofted Barn Style Shed

The Gambrel

This is probably the most popular style of shed due to its gambrel roof style. It allows plenty of headroom and enough space for lofted storage which can free up floor space by placing those seasonal or seldom-used items in the loft. You’ll find that having this feature will give you much more walk around room and area to store the important things in your life. This shed has double barn-style doors on the narrow end of the building.

Portable Storage Shed

The Hillside

The Hillside has the same gambrel roof as the previous model as well as its double barn doors, but they are located on the side of the storage shed instead of the front. You also have a complete loft just like the Gambrel. The shed is perfect for backyards and is commonly used for hobbies, home businesses, storage even farm supplies. This popular prefab storage shed is equally as popular as the Gambrel.

Portable studio sheds rent to own

The Heritage

The Heritage Garden Shed comes with a steeper roof pitch as well as 10” overhangs. This shed is perfect for those that like lots of natural light thanks to its large windows. The doors feature transom windows. Customers can add even more natural light by adding dormers to their purchase. The shed’s name was inspired by our history or quality, that we have achieved over the decades. This particular shed is great for a home office, studio or hobbies, and can also function as a garden and storage shed.

Mini Barn Shed

The Standard

This Mini-Barn is an option for many of our customers who may have a limited budget, or simply don’t need a larger shed, but still wish to protect their valuables without making any compromises on quality. The shed’s sidewalls are just 4’ high, so even though it has a gambrel style roof, the overall height of the peak is much lower than our lofted versions. This shed can easily fit inside smaller spaces. This particular shed is a great match for those seeking a classic ‘mini barn style’ shed. The original Standard shed dates back to 1983, and it’s safe to say it has truly stood the test of time. If you’re seeking a classic, affordable shed that offers exceptional versatility, the Standard may very well be the solution for you.


Invest in the Right Portable Shed Solution
Buying a cheap shed from an inferior source can result in big regrets. Some of the lowest-priced sheds on the market tend to be manufactured from lesser grade materials, thinner sheathing, and flooring and literally “cutting corners”. Although their price tags may be appealing, these sheds are likely to only last a few years before they need to be repaired or replaced. There are many reasons for investing in a portable storage shed, portable garage, or portable cabin, and you want them to last.

Sheds for Storage and More
Our portable sheds are ideal for storing tools and lawn equipment, and our portable garages are fantastic for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and much more. They can protect them from any challenges that the weather might present, and we always aim to exceed industry standards to give you something that will last a few lifetimes.

Portable Cabins and Portable Garages
Our sheds are referred to as portable, in other words, they are prebuilt sheds or prefab sheds. They are delivered to you fully assembled and ready to use. We have storage sheds for sale to be used as backyard storage sheds, tiny house cabins, He-Sheds, She-Sheds, workshops, and more. You can customize any of these to fit your needs by adding windows, doors, adjusting the sizes, and anything else that suits you. The fact that they are delivered to you in one piece means that you can move them or relocate them in the future. Whether it’s being moved on your own property or if you sell your shed to someone, a professional shed mover can easily handle the move.



Portable garage rent to own

The Classic Portable Garage

Protect your vehicles with a portable garage. The Classic is a timeless garage shed that has been an absolute favorite among our customers for many years. It’s easy to enter and exit the building without opening the garage door thanks to a side entrance door. The side windows deliver generous amounts of ventilation and natural light. This garage is a great place to store vehicles including cars, tractors, boats, ATVs, and motorcycles.



prebuilt cabins

The Lancaster

The Lancaster is famed for features including its A-frame cabin shell and front porch package. It has a traditional roofline which means it is suited to all sorts of environments. Perfect for living, working, storage, and recreation, it can be fitted out with various facilities if you need somewhere to work, rest, and play. The cabin is named after Lancaster County, where Amish craftsmen began to develop the concept and design.

Rent to own lofted cabins

The Lodge

The Lodge makes the ideal cabin shell or storage shed. There is no need to worry about the headroom when you opt for The Lodge because there’s plenty of space to stand up and wander around thanks to the gambrel roof. This feels much larger than it is, due to its amazing ceiling height. The loft offers ample storage space, while the covered front porch is a great place to relax and watch the world go by, whatever the weather may be. The Lodge has been part of our catalog since we were first founded, and there are no signs of it heading into decline.

Portable cabins rent to own

The Haven

Although we have been offering many of our models for several years, we’ve added new creations to our catalog. The Haven is one of our newer models and combines many of our classic features. These including the gambrel roof for generous headroom. The Haven is home to a unique corner porch and large barn doors for easy access. To tailor the Haven directly towards your specific requirements, simply use our intuitive online design tool.

Portable Log Cabin

The Woodland

Finally, our charmingly rustic Woodland cabin shell has a log cabin exterior. This makes it ideal for those who wish to make their space truly the traditional log cabin in the woods. The Woodland not only looks great in the woods, by the lake, as a weekend home or a full-time dwelling.



We offer a fantastic Rent to Own Sheds program with No Credit Check and Instant Qualification! If you’re not in a position to buy a unit outright, or you’ve got some credit problems you have no worries. You can have the building that you need, delivered, and set up on your property for a small payment of a few hundred dollars. You only need to complete a quick application and tell us which building you want and within a short time, you’ll be in possession of a brand-new building.

rent to own sheds



For sale Built On Site One Story Garage

Garages Built On-Site

Larger buildings such as 2 car wide garages need to be constructed on-site due to their pure size. You can choose from several styles of build-on-site garages in order to get exactly what you want and need. We’ve got single story as well as 2 story buildings that can be custom built to your exact preferences. You will need to have permits for this type of construction, and we’ll talk with you more about how to obtain these.

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We also offer a nice selection of Pavilions, Pergolas, Gazebos, Arbors, Swings, and Outdoor Furniture.  We’re sure that you’ll find something that will fit your needs and desires.

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Sheds for Sale South Carolina

Buying and Delivering a Portable Building

How long does it take to build a portable shed?

The length of time it takes for you to get your portable shed depends on several factors. These include our current workload, the time of year, and where you are based as well as the type of building you have ordered. Many times, we already have the building that you’re looking for completely built and ready for delivery. When you confirm your order and make your deposit, we will let you know how long it is likely to take to craft your custom building, including yard sheds, tiny house cabins, and garages.

Shed Delivery

Once you have selected your building from our website and make your purchase a delivery date will be scheduled. Our portable sheds arrive fully assembled when we deliver them to your property. Portable garages and portable cabins are delivered fully assembled. You won’t necessarily require a permit for your garage or shed, but we do recommend that you contact your local code office to find out what the rules are. It normally only takes one of us to deliver your unit. We have a specialized trailer to transport your building and it mechanically slides to unload. We also use a machine called “The Mule” which allows us to maneuver your shed or garage into position with relative ease. Under normal circumstances, there will be little evidence that anything traveled across your lawn.


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Sheds for Sale South Carolina

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